Empowering both developer and tenants to reduce energy and water consumption.

Stone34 is the pioneering project in Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program, a platform to encourage the use and acceptance of deeper, sustainable development strategies. While Stone34 earned early accolades as one of the most efficient commercial office buildings in the country, Brooks chose Stone34 for its new world headquarters because they wanted to change their office behavior, and possibly influence other companies in the process.

At conception, Stone34 was designed to reduce water and energy by more than 75% of other comparable buildings, and capture and use at least 50% of stormwater on site. For Stone34 to meet the Deep Green requirements, Brooks had to be on board for monitoring energy and water use. To help, Stone34 provides monitoring tools for tenants to measure energy consumption.

Additionally, Stone34 provides an advanced “thermal envelope” to allow holding in heat in winter and cool air in summer, as well as technical elements like hydronic heating and chilled beams to keep the interior comfortable for tenants and visitors. Click the image below to explore the details.